What is the Best Month to Visit Las Vegas?

Is there a “best” month to come to Las Vegas?

Surely, you want to avoid the scorching hot summer and take advantage of mild winters, right? Well, it’s not as clean cut as that, as you’ll find in our breakdown of the best and worst months to travel to Vegas

Below, we’ll take a look at each month and offer insight into what you can expect, from the typical weather to which holidays may make it appealing (or unappealing!) to travel.

Which Month to Visit Las Vegas

Best month to visit las vegas

January in Las Vegas

The start of the new year brings in many conventions, with CES being one of the biggest events.

Outside conventions, not much is going on, and temperatures are cold. You can likely score some excellent hotel deals during January; just watch out for convention dates.


  • New Year’s Day
  • Martin Luther King, Jr. Day

Special Vegas Events in January:

  • Consumer Electronics Expo (CES)
  • AVN Adult Entertainment Expo (AEE)
  • World of Concrete Expo

Average Las Vegas Weather in January:

  • High of 58°F
  • Low of 40°F
  • Low precipitation

Should you visit Las Vegas in January?

If you can travel after the holidays, January is a great time to visit Las Vegas to avoid the large crowds and escape blistering cold weather for somewhere milder. Be mindful of when CES and AEE land, as those can make navigating the Strip and their hosting resort difficult.

You can probably find a great hotel deal this month as well as some nice suite deals and upgrades at reasonable prices. January typically has the lowest midweek hotel occupancy of the year.

Martin Luther King, Jr. Day may bring a slight influx of travelers, but nothing that will crowd the streets.

February in las vegas
Super Bowl Weekend highlights February events in Vegas

February in Las Vegas

February sounds like a random month to travel during unless you’re a sports fan wanting access to a high-quality sportsbook or sports bar for the Super Bowl.

Don’t forget Las Vegas is also a great destination to celebrate Valentine’s Day with that special someone.


  • Valentine’s Day (Feb. 14th)
  • President’s Day (Feb. 19)

Special Events in Vegas during February:

  • The Super Bowl (Feb. 11, 2024)

Note: Even when the Super Bowl is not being played in Vegas’ Allegiant Stadium, the many sportsbooks and bars in town attract a huge crowd.

Average Weather:

  • High of 61°F
  • Low of 41°F
  • Low precipitation

Should you visit Las Vegas in February?

The beginning of the month is fairly uneventful, but it leads to one of the year’s busiest weekends with the Super Bowl.

Avoid this weekend completely unless you are specifically going there to be part of the Super Bowl watch parties or betting on the game. Las Vegas will be packed with visitors, and everything is expensive! Hotel prices are typically 2 to 3 times normal weekend prices, with some resorts costing more than $1000 per night.

Outside of Super Bowl weekend, February is a good month to go as a couple and watch a Cirque du Soleil show or concert. There are plenty of great hotels for couples with great prices in February.

march in las vegas - is it the best month

March in Las Vegas

March begins the busy season in Las Vegas. Spring weather begins the pool season, and spring break in many places of the country brings travelers to Las Vegas.

March Madness highlights most of March with the NCAA tournament watch parties and all the sports betting activity. Hotel prices and overall foot traffic in the casinos are both at its peak of the year during the first weekend of the Tournament.


  • St. Patrick’s Day
  • Easter (March 31, 2024)

Vegas Special Events in March:

Note: While the pools are starting to open, it can still be a little too cool for a comfortable dip.

Average Weather:

  • High of 71°F
  • Low of 50°F
  • Low precipitation

Should you visit Vegas in March?

March Madness can make things a little crowded, but it’s tough not to want to take advantage of the beautiful weather. One of the busiest weekends all year is the opening weekend of the NCAA tournament, with many coming to Vegas to place their bets.

Tips: Expect higher room prices and longer lines. Book early and avoid Vegas altogether if you want a more relaxed weekend.

If you love the outdoors, you can really start to enjoy areas like Red Rock Canyon. St. Patrick’s Day is a surprisingly significant event in Vegas, too, with bars up and down the Strip hosting parties featuring plenty of green beer. Even Downtown Vegas gets in on the fun with a four-day celebration that starts with a morning parade.

Many schools around the country are also celebrating their Spring Break (including local colleges and districts). Expect increased foot traffic near the mid-to end of the month.

April in Las Vegas

April in Las Vegas

The weather is just perfect, and the Spring Break crowds continue to grow, making April one of the city’s busier months.

Special Events:

  • Spring Break
  • Viva Las Vegas (April 18-21, 2024 at The Orleans)
  • NAB Show Convention
  • April Concerts

Note: Viva Las Vegas is a rockabilly festival featuring live music, a car show, burlesque dancing, pin-up contests, and a pool party. It is typically held off the Strip at the Orleans Hotel.

Average Weather:

  • High of 80°F
  • Low of 60°F
  • Very low precipitation

Should you visit Vegas in April?

With how nice the weather is, it’s tough to say no. There are so many outdoor activites in Las Vegas which is a great time to take advantage of the great weather.

You’ll have to navigate the Las Vegas Spring Break crowds, but if you plan, it’s easy to do.

May in Las Vegas

Schools are starting to let out, especially near the end of the month, and the temperatures have reached peak pool weather. There are going to be crowds virtually all month.

Vegas offers some of the best pools in Vegas and the biggest pool parties as well! May is a great month to check both out.


Special Events:

  • Electric Daisy Carnival (EDC) – May 17-19, 2024
  • Lovers and Friends Fest
  • May Concerts

Average Weather:

  • High of 91°F
  • Low of 66°F
  • Very low precipitation

Should you visit Vegas in May?

Memorial Day weekend is one of the biggest times of the year in Las Vegas. If you didn’t plan, it’s almost not worth coming out. Otherwise, May is a fantastic time to visit the desert city.

It’s nice enough at night to walk around, the pools are open and the water is comfortable, and it’s the last month of the year to thoroughly enjoy warm weather before the high heat rolls in.

June in Las Vegas

With school out, families and college students are looking for ways to pass their time. If the streets of Las Vegas aren’t crowded, the pools certainly will be. 

Hotel prices typically begin to dip as the summer begins.

Holiday: Father’s Day

June Concerts and Events

Average Weather:

  • High of 100F
  • Low of 75°F
  • Very low precipitation

Should you visit Vegas in June?

Even though the city isn’t lively for a festival or big event, June is a decent month to come visit.

The weather has yet to get unbearably hot, but it’s getting there, so walking around during the day may not be the most comfortable thing to do. If you’re a night owl, you’ll still have plenty of fun and you can move around relatively comfortably. 

Fireworks in Las Vegas during July

July in Las Vegas

The heat isn’t much of a deterrent yet, as everyone rushes to fill their vacations with wonderful memories in the desert city. 


  • Fourth of July

Special Events:

  • Fireworks Shows


There are so many locations around Las Vegas to watch fireworks, even if you’re not on the Strip. Red Rock Casino Resort & Spa, Green Valley Ranch Resort Spa & Casino, Caesars Palace, and Circa Resort & Casino are just a handful of spots where you may be able to see an explosive display.

Average Weather:

  • High of 105°F
  • Low of 81°F
  • Very low precipitation

Should you visit Vegas in July?

Outside of the Fourth of July festivities, July is a fairly uneventful month. And it’s very, very hot. If you can avoid coming in July, especially if you don’t do well in the heat, you’re better off going somewhere cooler.  

Visit Las Vegas in August

August in Las Vegas

August in Vegas is a fairly uneventful month. The hot weather is still in Vegas, which means pools are still packed and one of the top things to do during the month.

August is a great month to find deals.

Average Weather:

  • High of 102°F
  • Low of 78°F

Should you visit Vegas in August?

August is not one of Vegas’ finer months; it’s very hot with very few special events.

The one bright spot is typically low hotel prices and deals to be found. The crowds are low, which might make it a great month for a weekend trip to Vegas.

pools in las vegas during September

September in Las Vegas

September ends the pool season which brings in the Sports and busier season in Las Vegas.

Weekend prices are higher in Vegas, coinciding with the start of the NFL season and sports betting in Vegas.


Special Events:

  • Life is Beautiful
  • iHeart Radio Festival
  • NFL Season begins

Average Weather:

  • High of 95°F
  • Low of 71°F
  • Very low precipitation

Should you visit Las Vegas in September?

September is busy, but can still be hot. It is a good time to visit with the somewhat cooler temperatures compared to mid-summer along with all the sports, concerts, and events happening during the month.

The Life is Beautiful music and arts festival really brings some life to the city in September. If you don’t mind crowds and really love contemporary music, it’s an event worth looking into.

Home Raider’s games bring in plenty of people to the city. Expect higher room prices those weekends as well.

October the best month in las vegas?

October in Las Vegas

With the West Coast focused on Universal Studios Hollywoods’ Halloween Horror Nights and Knott’s Scary Farm, the seasonal crowd in Vegas can feel a little thinned out at times.


Special Events:

  • Las Vegas Pride Parade & Festival
  • When We Were Your Festival (Oct. 19-20)
  • Rise Lantern Festival (Oct. 4-5)
  • Costume Contests
  • Sin City Halloween Ball


There is no shortage of costume contests throughout the month. Keep an eye on nightclubs or secure tickets to the Sin City Halloween Ball for the best seasonal entertainment.

Average Weather:

  • High of 82°F
  • Low of 60°F
  • Very low precipitation

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Should you visit Las Vegas in October?

October brings some of the nicer weather of the year.

There is so much happening this month from concerts, to festivals, to sports and it all ends with Halloween Weekend.

If you enjoy costumes, Halloween contests, and haunted attraction attractions, then Vegas is a great destination to visit in October.

f1 in las vegas in November

November in Las Vegas

For the most part, November is already one of Vegas’ busier months. With Formula 1 setting up shop for ten years, it’s going to get even crazier and crowded with people.


  • Veteran’s Day
  • Thanksgiving Day

November Concerts and Events

Special Events:


Don’t travel to Vegas during the Grand Prix weekend if you’re not interested in the race. The city will be transformed, with impediments likely to get in the way of your vacation.

Views of iconic spots like the Fountains of Bellagio are blocked by grandstands and other temporary installations

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Average Weather:

  • High of 66°F
  • Low of 46°F
  • Low precipitation

Should you visit Las Vegas in November?

Absolutely if you’re a Formula 1 fan, otherwise, it depends. November is surprisingly a very busy month, likely a mix of the very nice weather and typical Thanksgiving travel.

Between the race and the holiday, finding a good time to come to Vegas in November will feel like a gauntlet.

Also, do not forget about Black Friday shopping in Vegas! Vegas offers some of the best shopping in the World!

Christmas and December in las vegas

December in Las Vegas

While virtually everything will get a little busier in December, especially as locals flood the stores and opt to make a stop on the Strip for higher-end dining, it’s still manageable. The week of Christmas can be crowded, especially as travelers flood in for the New Year celebration.


  • Christmas Day
  • New Year’s Eve

Special Events:

  • New Year’s Eve Party
  • National Finals Rodeo (NFR) – Dec. 5-14


New Year’s Eve is a massive experience in Las Vegas, with crowds flying in from all over the world to spend the night of December 31st gathered on the closed Las Vegas Strip. No through traffic is allowed for much of New Year’s Eve day, but the streets get crowded with people very quickly. If you’re considering a New Year’s in Vegas, book early to secure a decent price. And by early, we mean within the first few months of the year. 

Average Weather:

  • High of 57°F
  • Low of 39°F
  • Very low precipitation

Should you visit in December?

We’re still not at our coldest and the city is blanketed in Christmas displays.

Even if it’s on the crowded side, it’s one of the prettiest months to visit Las Vegas. All that glitz and glam is transformed ever so slightly to accommodate the holiday season, and it’s quite a sight. Everything from the Bellagio Conservatory to the Las Vegas Motor Speedway becomes an eye-catching winter wonderland.

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