Luxor vs. Excalibur, Where to Stay and Which is Better?

With Location and pricing very similar, which hotel in the Luxor vs. Excalibur debate do you choose?

Standing side by side, Luxor Hotel & Casino’s sleek pyramid shape and Excalibur Hotel & Casino’s castle facade epitomize their contrasting allure, setting them apart in design and offerings.

Both are one of the few remaining themed hotels in Las Vegas.

Discover the differences between Luxor and Excalibur as we uncover the distinct experiences they offer visitors to Las Vegas.

Luxor vs Excalibur Vegas - Which is Better?

Luxor vs. Excalibur at a Glance

Base Room Size420 sq ft352 sq ft
Cheapest Room Price$31$29
Parking Fee$18 to $23 for daily self parking$18 to $23 for daily self parking
Resort Fee$35 + Tax$35 + Tax
PoolsThree different pool areas, 125,650 square-feet of pool deck space.Four pools, 30,000 square feet of deck space. Water slides.
Shows & EntertainmentAmerica’s Got Talent, Carrot Top, Fantasy, Blue Man GroupMac King comedy show, Tournament of Kings, Thunder Down Under, Australian Bee Gees show
LocationSouth Strip, next to Excalibur and Mandalay BaySouth Strip, next to Luxor and NYNY
Check PricesCheck Prices
Excalibur or Luxor, Which is better?

Excalibur vs. Luxor – Room Choices

While there may seem to be parallels between the accommodations of both hotels, Luxor’s rooms are far more updated and offer a cozier experience.

Relying less on dark, heavy furniture, Luxor’s Pyramid and Tower rooms are light and inviting, complete with contemporary seating and bedding that matches the modern Vegas aesthetic. Room sizes aren’t phenomenal compared to other resorts, but at 420 square feet, they trump Excalibur’s 352 square foot base room.

Luxor Pyramid Room:

Excalibur Room:

How do the standard suites compare?

Both hotels do have suites, but the Luxor has a greater selection that sizes up to 3,600 square feet. The Excalibur’s largest two-bedroom tops out at 1,034 square feet, though it’s rated for seven guests compared to Luxor’s two-bedroom penthouse’s four-guest maximum. There may not be a big difference between where the hotels are situated, but Luxor’s penthouse suite features picture windows and a much more extravagant view.

Unfortunately, at Excalibur, your view can be marred by the crayon coloring of the faux castle’s towers.

The catch that comes with Luxor’s more elegant accommodations is an average higher price per night. It could be as little as $10 more to as much as $140.

Differences between luxor and Excalibur

Luxor and Excalibur Prices and Fees

Every night at the Luxor and Excalibur comes with an additional $35+ tax charge.

That fee covers fitness center access, local and toll-free phone calls, and Internet access. Since the hotels are both owned by MGM Resorts, they share a similar parking structure.

  • Resort Fee: $35+tax
  • Daily Self Parking Fee: $18-$23 at each
  • Valet Parking Fees: $35-$40 at each

Tip: Self parking is free for the first hour at each hotel. Nevada residents get free parking for up to 3 hours.

Pricing Differences?

Overall pricing is the same other than the room rate at each resort.

Luxor vs. Excalibur Dining Differences

Every hotel on The Strip has a signature eatery. For Excalibur, it’s Dick’s Last Resort, the only restaurant where verbal abuse comes with every meal.

It’s a quirky gimmick that has the waitstaff act outwardly rude to customers. The food is pretty decent, just don’t expect an easy time should you have a complaint. If that’s not your style, then you may enjoy the family-style Italian dining of Buca di Beppo, TAP Sports Bar, or a quick burger at Johnny Rockets.

Luxor’s signature eatery is a casual spot known as Public House. Surrounded by TVs, you’ll be able to keep up with your favorite teams while chowing down on all-American grub. Burgers, salads, and a long list of bar-favorite appetizers will keep your mouth watering until the very last bite.

Diablo’s Cantina and TENDER steakhouse + lounge dish out a slightly more elegant experience, while Backstage Deli is all about the quick sandwiches.

Overall: Dining options are very similar at each. Both have cheap options and open buffets, and Luxor offers a few higher-end options like TENDER Steakhouse. Since the hotels are connected, dining should not be a factor when choosing either casino.

luxor pool complex
Luxor pool complex

Which has a better pool complex?

The Luxor’s pool is pretty hard to miss if you park in the detached garage.

You’ll walk by it and overlook a relatively low-key resort pool that’s comfortable, just maybe not everything you’d expect from a Sin City venue. You can reserve a cabana for the day or lounge out on one of the many chairs scattered around the four pool areas.

Luxor pool map and layout
Luxor pool map and layout

Luxor guests do have access to Mandalay Bay’s pool, which features a sandy beach leading up to a fun wave pool and one of the best pools on the strip.

Excalibur’s pool is a bit more lush and tropical, with rock features and plenty of palms to make you feel you’re in a resort paradise.

Excalibur pool map
Excalibur pool map and layout

Sticking to being a bit more child-friendly, the Excalibur pool features a water slide that kids and adults will love.

Excalibur also features four pools, but Luxor’s pool deck is the largest in Vegas, measuring 125,650 square feet compared to Excalibur’s 30,000 square feet.

Which resort offers a better location?

Sitting next to each other on the south side of The Strip on the west side of Las Vegas Boulevard, Luxor and Excalibur are in a prime location for access to the T-Mobile Arena.

A free tram connects the two together and runs down to Mandalay Bay, where guests can visit the Shark Reef Aquarium.

Both are close enough to the Tropicana and MGM Grand to be within walking distance, even on warmer days.

Excalibur is a bit further north and across from MGM Grand, so it potentially offers a better location for most visitors.

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Excalibur and Luxor Shows and Live Entertainment

Luxor has a rather robust selection of live entertainment that really brings that classic Las Vegas feel. Blue Man Group and Carrot Top are staples in the city, while Fantasy offers a more adult affair for bachelor parties.

Related: Where to stay in Vegas for bachelor parties.

Titanic: The Artifact Exhibition and Bodies… The Exhibition offers visitors two very unique experiences, one that takes you back in time to one of the world’s greatest tragedies and the other on an adventure through the human body.

Excalibur is no stranger to signature Vegas entertainment, as evidenced by the long-running Thunder from Down Under and The Mac King Comedy Magic Show (one of the best magic shows on the Strip).

The Australian Bee Gees Show has also been serving up evenings’ worth of entertainment. Matching the venue’s aesthetic is the Tournament of Kings, a dinner show that thrusts the audience right into the middle of medieval times for thrilling bouts and delicious food.

Verdict: Tie. Both have a good variety of shows and entertainment.

Bars & Nightlife Between Excalibur and Luxor

Neither hotel is really known for its nightlife, though a scattering of bars provides refreshing drinks amongst good company.

Luxor’s Aurora, Centra, and Flight are comfortable spaces right near the action of the casino.

At Excalibur, you’ll want to check out The Lounge, Lobby Bar, or the Thunder Bar for pre-show drinks before catching Thunder from Down Under.

Verdict: Neither hotel is known for its nightlife, but you will find closer options next door to Mandalay Bay and MGM Grand.

Final Verdict, Which to Choose?

Luxor and Excalibur are both mid-level resorts that capture a dying art form in the city—themed hotels that actually stay true to their theme. You won’t regret your time at either, though Luxor’s accommodations tend to be a bit higher end than Excalibur’s.

Of course, with a more luxurious stay comes a higher cost.

The south-Strip establishments are near the action of the city and offer their own on-site entertainment to keep guests engaged.

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