What are the Gondola Rides at Venetian?

One of the greatest things about Las Vegas is that you can travel practically anywhere in the world without leaving the Mojave Desert.

That’s the gem of resorts like the Venetian, which transports guests to the heart of Venice, complete with a man-made waterway that snakes through the venue’s high-end shopping district. And to top it off and really capture the allure of Italy’s City of Water, visitors can enjoy a guided gondola ride through the canal.

Curious how the Venetian’s gondola rides work and what you can get out of this romantic experience?

Let’s grab some oars and explore this interactive attraction a little.

venetian gondola rides

What are Vegas gondola rides and where to find them?

The Vegas gondola rides are available exclusively in the Venetian Resort Las Vegas, with access and ticket booths located in the Grand Canal Shoppes and outside in front of the property.

As the name suggests, you and up to three others grab a seat in an authentic-looking gondola, inspired by the very vessels that tour Venice’s outdoor waterway. 

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Rather than send you off on your own in an automated boat, every gondola is manned by a gondolier. It won’t take long before you realize each gondolier was chosen for one very specific feature—their voice. As the gondola cruises through the Grand Canal Shoppes, your gondolier belts out fantastic renditions of classic Italian songs.

Even if you’re walking through the retail and restaurant district, their booming vocals fill the air and lend to the authenticity of being in the Venetian, such a romantic hotel

where to find gondola rides in las vegas

The gondola rides are primarily a scenic tour that takes you through the shops, under several bridges, past aromatic cafes, and, when weather permits, out into the desert air in front of the Venetian.

What is the length of each ride?

Each gondola ride runs for approximately 15 minutes. 

How can I book a gondola ride in Vegas?

Gondola ride tickets can only be purchased on-site at the two ticketing booths.

There is no online ticketing or reservation system for the gondola rides at the Venetian.

Due to the popularity of Venetian’s gondolas, it’s recommended you arrive early for the time you wish to embark. 

gondola ride tickets and schedule

Vegas gondola rides schedule

The gondola rides have a varied schedule depending on whether it’s the weekend or during the week. Both the indoor and outdoor ticket booths open at 9:30 am and remain open until the last gondola ride runs. 

Monday through Thursday and Sunday, the indoor gondola runs from 10:00 am to 11:00 pm. On Friday and Saturday, the indoor gondola hours are extended to midnight. The outdoor gondola runs daily from 10:00 am to 12:00 am.

While the outdoor gondola may have to close due to inclement weather, the indoor gondola rarely closes and would typically only do so for maintenance. 

venetian gondola rides pricing and tickets

Where to get tickets to gondola rides and pricing

The indoor booth is located in the Grand Canal Shoppes, near the Venetian Tower Guest Suite Elevators. The outdoor ticketing booth is in front of the resort, in the courtyard separating the Venetian from Las Vegas Boulevard.  

Pricing as of July 2023 is as follows:

  • Monday: $39.00 per person
  • Tuesday – Wednesday: $34.00 per person
  • Thursday – Sunday: $39.00 per person

There is also a photo package that can be added on, starting at $32.00. 

gondola ride dining at venetian

Dining options near gondola rides

If you want to extend your enjoyment of the gondola rides in the Grand Canal Shoppes, several restaurants keep you nearby.

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As you dine on your chosen cuisine, you’ll still get to enjoy the beautiful vocals of the gondoliers, especially during the Gondolier March, a twice-a-day shift change-turned-spectacle (seen at 9:45 am and 4:20 pm).


There’s nothing quite like authentic Italian food accompanied by an authentic Italian experience.

Dine on fresh pasta, fresh bread, pizza, and more while the gondoliers fill the air with their melodic tunes. You’ll enjoy an unbeatable view of the shops at the center of St. Mark’s Square.


Take a culinary trip south of the border with a menu full of casual Mexican classics. Accompany your dining with a fresh margarita and a wonderful ambiance. Be sure to dine on the patio to enjoy views of the canals.

BRERA osteria

Handmade, Venice-inspired dishes line the menu of this canal-side eatery. Seafood and pasta make up many of the Venetian classics that you’ll enjoy while admiring the booming voices of Vegas’ gondoliers.

Mercato Della Pescheria

Grab a seat in St. Mark’s Square and order your favorite classic Italian dish at this delightful eatery. Sip wine, enjoy a cocktail, and listen to the serenading of the Venetian’s talented gondoliers. 

Sloan’s Ice Cream

Located right by the canal, you can grab a scoop or two and sit on one of the available benches to feel like you’re part of the Venetian experience. The sweet treat is a great accompaniment to just enjoying the ambiance of the Grand Canal Shoppes.

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