Must See, Unique Shows to Las Vegas on the Strip

Las Vegas is a mecca of entertainment. From slot-filled casinos to the most packed dance floors in the nation, there’s excitement running from morning to the following morning. 

Tucked typically in the evening hours of the week are shows that showcase the city’s massive talent pool. Death-defying feats, catchy musical acts, awe-inspiring magicians, and riotous comedy routines fill the Las Vegas Strip’s many stages.

If you’re visiting Vegas, do it right. Catch a show.

See what a production looks like when pieced together within the four walls of one of Sin City’s best hotels and resorts. Any of the following ten unique shows will capture the majesty, value, and brilliance of Las Vegas Strip entertainment.

must see unique shows to las vegas


  • Where: Caesars Palace
  • When: Nightly

Productions in Vegas are all about the showmanship. Absinthe is the perfect example as performers with all sorts of talents take to the center ring and show off death-defying feats and a variety of acts. The Gazillionaire takes to the Caesars Palace stage at the Roman Plaza and welcomes all to an evening of fun and debauchery. 

Absinthe is intoxicating, its wonders unraveling before your eyes and leaving you needing more. The show is the epitome of Sin City, offering an evening of unforgettable showmanship and stellar entertainment, all headlined by the city’s mouthiest and most entertaining host. Absinthe plays nightly right outside Caesars Palace.

Michael Jackson’s One by Cirque du Soleil

  • Where: Mandalay Bay Resort
  • When: Thurs – Mon

Younger generations may never get the chance to see Michael Jackson take the main stage in Vegas, but Cirque du Soleil offers the next best thing with Michael Jackson’s One. This spectacle of a show at Mandalay Bay puts the King of Pop front and center, elevating his best songs with the thrilling acrobatics of the Cirque du Soleil Entertainment Group. 

Come face-to-face with zombies, rock out with a brilliant laser light show, and journey into Michael Jackson’s world in one of the Strip’s most unique musical experiences. Michael Jackson’s One runs every Thursday through Monday, offering plenty of opportunity for travelers to guarantee a seat on a unique musical adventure fit for the King. 

Paranormal: The Mind Reading Magic Show

  • Where: The Horseshoe Las Vegas
  • When: Nightly

It’s difficult not to feel like this isn’t some forgettable, short-lived production. There’s something about the name that’s off-putting, but it does describe the Sin City spectacle almost perfectly. Mentalist Frederic Da Silva does tap into the paranormal to astound audiences with hypnosis, mind reading, magic, and intrigue.

Da Silva is an incredible host who takes this experience to levels other magicians don’t dare attempt to reach. The things he pulls off are astonishing and impossible, leaving every audience in shock by the time the final curtain falls. You won’t believe your ears or eyes as Da Silva taps into the supernatural every night at the Horseshoe Las Vegas.

Mystere by Cirque du Soleil

  • Where: Treasure Island Las Vegas Hotel & Casino
  • When: Fri – Tues

There are quite a few Cirque de Soleil productions to watch on the Strip, but if you only had time to fit one journey into the fantastical, Mystere should be at the top of your list. Featuring the production company’s greatest acrobats, all performing incredible and impossible feats, Mystere takes audiences on an excursion into the wonders that make our universe turn. 

It’s a show of brilliant visuals and choreography that tells an amazing story, all set to music that will live rent-free in your head for years. Prepare to be transported to a unique universe, voided by high-energy performers and vibrant lighting. Mystere runs every Friday through Tuesday at Treasure Island.

V – The Ultimate Variety Show

  • Where: Planet Hollywood Las Vegas Resort & Casino
  • When: Nightly

So few shows embody the classic showmanship of Las Vegas as perfectly as V – The Ultimate Variety Show. Enjoy an evening of acts that aim to delight and amaze, from physics-defying juggling to magic sure to make you question your very eyes. V pulls together Sin City’s brightest stars and talent for a family-friendly setlist. 

The V Theater is an intimate setting made for a variety show that includes audience participation and performances you won’t want to take your eyes off of. It’s a show so good, don’t be surprised if you want to watch it twice during your visit. V – The Ultimate Variety Show runs nightly, so you should have no issue fitting it into your visit.

David Blaine: Impossible

  • Where: The Wynn Las Vegas
  • When: Varied – Check resort box office

Join David Blaine for an intimate evening of impossibilities as the famed magician bends reality and takes magic to the next level. Blaine has perfected a set list of acts that will have you questioning everything. The closer you sit to the stage, the more you may start to think that Blaine is less of a performer and actually capable of pulling off the impossible.

The things Blaine pulls off in front of a large audience shouldn’t be possible, and yet they happen. Marvel at his stunts and close-up magic, and spend the rest of your time in Vegas trying to determine how he pulls it all off. David Blaine: Impossible is a residency with varied showtimes and dates. Check with The Wynn box office for Blaine’s next block of shows.


  • Where: The Wynn Las Vegas
  • When: Nightly

Leave it to The Wynn to be home to the city’s most technologically advanced performance. The Awakening Theater is a marvel of modern theatrics, and its namesake show uses every feature to immerse audiences in a family-friendly experience narrated by Anthony Hopkins. Magic and Mother Nature combine in this journey that follows one woman as she tries to restore beauty and love to the world around her.

There is no bad seat in the house as the Awakening Theater is designed with a 360-degree stage made to highlight the show’s acrobatic performances and graceful choreography. Awakening invites guests to its state-of-the-art theater nightly to admire the vibrant and vivid production.


  • Where: MGM Grand
  • When: Nightly

It takes a lot to win America’s Best Dance Crew. It takes even more to turn that performance into a show worthy of a space on the Las Vegas Strip. The Jabbawockeez has it all and more, captivating audiences at the MGM Grand with a production full of impressive choreography that thrives on uniformity within the troupe. 

Your evening with the Jabbawockeez is all about the brilliance of music and how we let it move us. You’ll have a hard time staying in your seat as the production kicks off, the precision rhythm enticing you to join the titular group on stage. Feel the inspiration of the Jabbawockeez nightly at the Jabbawockeez Theater, and don’t be surprised if you want to return for a second production. 

Tournament of Kings

  • Where: Excalibur Hotel & Casino
  • When: Thurs – Mon (with some Weds performances)

Get transported to an older age when knights protected their kings and maidens served the high court. Tournament of Kings captures the theme of the Excalibur Hotel & Casino perfectly with an evening full of medieval entertainment. From a king’s feast to a thrilling tournament between champions, audiences are pulled into an incredible, unforgettable production.

Along with the show, attendees enjoy a delicious meal fit for royalty. Ditch the silverware and get sucked into the energy of the only medieval romp running on the Las Vegas Strip. Tournament of Kings runs every Thursday through Monday, with select Wednesdays throughout the year.

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